A Split Giantess

Split personality, moody, call it what you like, but that’s me.  I can’t help it; I can’t control it. It just happens and I could change at any time.

Sometimes, I’ll be walking along and see a tiny man and just want tease and taunt him. He can’t do anything to stop me. He’s a powerless, pathetic little bug and if he doesn’t bow to my every whim, I will make or break him! I won’t be told ‘no.’ I will have what I want.

And then other times, I am the one that is powerless to how cute the little guy is! I want to snuggle and kiss and love him. To have him as a pet to dote on and spend time with couldn’t make me happier ❤

The problem is…I don’t know which part of me I like more…which part is more me.

I like being powerful, destructive, merciless, but I’m also a very loving and caring creature. Sitting here now, thinking about what I’d do if a tiny happened by…I can’t decide. I can’t feel it. I only know which me I am when I’m actually in the presence of little people.

I suppose only time will show whether I become one or the other or remain a living paradox.